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Our Approach

Vendor Agnostic

Expertise across the world’s leading Clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure...), with unbiased guidance to help you choose the best cloud solution.

Advanced IT

Sophisticated cloud capabilities for your team, including Managed Infrastructure as Code, DevOps, Cloud Center of Excellence, Managed Kubernetes, automation and more.

Multi-Cloud Management

Unified, cross-platform cloud management that reduces the complexity of managing multiple public clouds.

Why Open Cloud Society ?

Singapore is a niche market with a small number of Cloud service providers competing. However the service offering is quite different from one to the other and candidates need to think 2 times before selecting their “partner”.

First option

Big players like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud will provide Cloud consultants. Main issue is that it will always include a big part of “subjectivity”.

Second option

Big Consulting companies will propose a larger services palette but at high cost. Additionally, being certified partners with big players they also suffer from a lack of objectivity on their recommended solution.

Third option

One other point to consider is the fast multi-cloud adoption. This requires Singapore Cloud providers to be cross vendors and to provide multi-cloud management tools. This is where smaller size players will bring considerable added value. Before making a selection you will need to look at each one’s speciality.

Fourth option

Select a Cloud service provider that gives you impartial advice and offers you additional concrete benefits. At Open Cloud Society we consider Cloud migration & optimisation to be the best opportunity to implement Open Source and facilitate cost reduction and agility.

As an Open Source Cloud service provider we propose a selection of the best Open Source Cloud vendor solutions. Our offer focus on Cloud, multi-cloud, DevOps, Collaboration tools and ODBMS.

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