Open Cloud Society (OCS) is a community of experts dedicated to make your Cloud journey a success for the long term. We help you to stay focused on accelerating your business, through the use of the most relevant technologies (e.g Open Source). Most of all, we ensure proper coaching of your teams to guarantee you a sustainable Cloud management.

Partner with the best Cloud Community in Asia

Headquartered in Singapore we are active across all major Asian countries. Our Community members are spread out internationally from Bali to Hong Kong and Shanghai to Paris. Always close to you for the day to day communication, we have access to the best talents worldwide.

OCS is more than an IT company. We are a network of professionals with a wide-ranging skillset yet a common mindset. Thanks to the nature of our field of work we can tap into the specific expertise of technology veterans, and without the constraint of having to maintain an army of dedicated personnel. However, we don’t compromise on our core philosophy and all of our teammates fundamentally believe in leveraging Open Source and empowering our clients with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed on the long run.

Therefore, you will understand that we are not particularly keen in becoming Oracle’s sales partner of the year or Microsoft’s lieutenant because this would be against our client best interests. Don’t get us wrong, there are good technologies from every vendor but when you can free yourself from proprietary technologies, that’s when you become agile, able to move quickly and easily.