Our 3 best-seller Cloud Services

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Our 3 best-seller Cloud Services


At Open Cloud Society we consider Cloud migration would be an incredible opportunity. Cloud associated with DevOps and Open Source implementation will unlock business benefits and upscale IT department to reach more Agility.

The question is no more “if” but “when” and “how” your company will move further to the Cloud. Therefore, how to reach quickly most common Cloud benefits like:

– Increased efficiency in operations & management
– Better support and access for a distributed workforce
– Integration with the IT tech stack
– Reduced costs


1- Cloud Migration Services: make it happen !


Well, ok for destination but what about the journey ?, where to start and what constraints to consider ? Also, how to identify the priorities and how much will it really cost ?

Starting first with these questions would really help to take the good decisions. Now let’s be realistic, some Cloud candidates would be seduced by the “Lift and shift” approach. Will it works ? No, unfortunately experience shows that it largely proved its inefficiency and a very disappointing value creation for the business.

So, “No pain no gain !”, this would take time and efforts. Take it as a good opportunity to sit down and re-think your requirements based on Cloud benefits. From there, put your Cloud journey on rail from the beginning and identify coming challenges and fixes. Hopefully, it would help you to identify soon open source opportunities.


Cloud Migration Services (non exhaustive):
– Cloud vendor selection
– Roadmaps/Proof Of Concept
– Infrastructure migration
– Data migration
– Operational management


2 – Cloud Optimisation Services: make it beneficial !

Great, you made it ! you are now running part of your infrastructure and applications in the Cloud. Business works as a highly distributed workforce and in a much more efficient way.

At the end, how deep did it affected your team and process ? Did you finally reached your cost saving target ? And what are new Business requirements ?


Once in the Cloud the “Pandora Box” is open… meaning it shows you the entire panel of new capabilities (Cloud-native application, big data, AI, IOT, automation, blockchain, multi-cloud management…).

Suddenly, business expectations are becoming higher and faster. Soon, reaching cost saving targets and facing new demands (e.g continuous integration and development), IT team would need to change the way they operate. As a result, moving Agile in change and stay resilient in Operations. By using one word getting into an efficient “DevOps” organisation.


Cloud Optimisation Services (non exhaustive):

– Assessment & Cost Optimisation
– DevOps approach & Implementation
– Cloud native application & Microservice
– Automation and Orchestration
– Multi-Cloud management


3 – Open Source Accelerator: make it yours forever !

There is not a week without hearing about new open source initiatives. Progressively, companies moved to the Open Source through the use of Linux, MySQL, dynamic languages (PHP & Python) and so on. Now we can say that software innovation has decisively shifted to Open Source.

Today GitHub is hosting hundreds thousand open source running initiatives. What a success you will say! yes… and no.  New tools are better and cheaper for sure but 1 issue remain, how to select the most suitable one ?

Therefore, this point should become a priority for all IT departments. Open source move will be split in 3 steps: firstly assess opportunities, secondly pre-select Open Source software, thirdly check with advised people and get a valuable feedback.


Cloud Open Source Services (non exhaustive):
– Opportunity assessment
– OS software implementation
– Open Source Lab


Hope this article clarifies our vision on how Cloud associated with DevOps and Open Source can really change the IT organisation in a very positive way.

Have a nice trip ! Open Cloud Society, your dedicated Cloud travel agency is at your service.


— posted by Open Cloud Society content team


— Source: Open Could Society people (thanks to you guys !)

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