Best DevOps Tools for 2020 (by categories)

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Best DevOps Tools for 2020 (by categories)


Wikipedia: “DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and information-technology operations (Ops) which aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality”


Saying that, DevOps in daily life is actually more about struggling in between being strong in Change, resilient in Operations with a very limited budget. Hopefully hundreds of tools help the DevOps team. Some are free, some in Open Source others proprietaries but all are really helpful. 


For the benefit of the study we have split DevOps tools in 7 categories. Data have been collected across our people and confront with multiple market analysis. From there we reached to the ranking below.

This ranking is purely indicative. DevOps tool selection should be based on the particularity of your organisation and the familiarity of your team with DevOps tools.


# Collaboration:

These tools are the pillars of the DevOps organisation ensuring proper collaboration within the team and management. This covers communication, version control, workflow and agile project management.

— Top 3 : Git / Github > Vagrant (OS) > Slack


# Platform Management:

Embraces infrastructure provisioning and configuration management

— Top 3: Puppet (OS) > Ansible (OS) > Nagios (OS)


# CI/CD / Testing:

This category covers framework & automation for continuous integration, delivery and testing. It enable to develop better software faster. 

— Top 3: Jenkins (OS) > Gradle > Bamboo


# Containers and orchestration:

From building container and API creation to insertion in Orchestration cycle.

— Top 3: Docker (OS) > Kubernetes (OS) > Mesos (OS)


# Service/application monitoring: 

— Top 3: Prometheus (OS) > Sensu (OS) > New Relic (OS)


# Config/Secret management: 

— Top 3: Consul (OS) > Vault (OS) > Etcd (OS)


# Infrastructure data management:

— Top 3: Splunk > ELK (OS) > Datadog


Hope this overview of top solutions will help you in your DevOps journey. For any question, please contact us for a free-talk.


— posted by Open Cloud Society content team


— Source:

Open Could Society people (thanks to you guys !)


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