Are you an efficient DevOps team ?

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Are you an efficient DevOps team ?


Are you an efficient DevOps team ?

Better to have a read to the article below before answering. DevOps implementation is as much complex as passionating.


First point is that DevOps improves team efficiency. Essentially  it makes people really working “together”and in a better environment. Second point is that we are in a land where resources are the most valuable company asset. It is a win/win situation that you would like to maintain as long as possible. But what are important factors to consider to improve team efficiency?  How to identify the remaining activities ? What Open Source tools can track & monitor efficiency ?



Well… there is no silver bullet but respecting some guidelines will help to maximise your team efficiency.

    • Retain a resource is as much important as recruiting
    • Create cross-functional team, with leadership not line management
    • Split the portfolio between small teams (2 pizzas) with strong head
    • Assess skills requirements and build a multi skills balanced team
    • Leverage on best Open Source tools to attract talents
    • Provide resources with mentors
    • Let resources self-select their team
    • Give autonomy
    • Let enough space for continuous improvement


#Key Performance Indicators

Keeping people focused goes through defining team’s objectives, measure performance and establish kaizen (continuous improvement). Most common KPIs are:

    • Frequency of deployment
    • Deployment Speed
    • Failure Rates
    • Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR)
    • Team culture (innovation, horizontality, mutual trust)


There are multiple existing assessment matrix. We would recommend you the one from the initiative. It  has established 24 separate capabilities and detailed corresponding maturity degrees on a scale 1 to 5. This is providing a good view on the remaining path to complete.


Also, Open Source tools will facilitate team efficiency and give you valuable information:

FunRetro ensures you maintain high team morale by making these team collaboration opportunities effortless and fun.

Kanboard is a kanban management system that let you visualize and limit your work in progress to focus on your goal.

Bugzilla is a famous robust, featureful and mature defect-tracking system, or bug-tracking system.


Hope this would help you to improve your DevOps team efficiency. Any question we would be happy to have a free-talk with you.


— posted by the Open Cloud Society content team


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