Cloud providers partnering with Open Source vendors, who wins?

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Cloud providers partnering with Open Source vendors, who wins?


Nowadays, Cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and Alibaba) are partnering with Open Source vendors.

As a result, clients are getting direct benefit having the best of 2 worlds on the same platform. What impact to the Open Source community ? Which Cloud provider will really serve the win/win strategy ? Can you benefit from it ?


# First Shoot

On April 2019 GCP was shooting first announcing partnership with 7 of the best Open Source database / analytics vendors. Concretely,  they fully integrated Open Source vendors into their offer. In their words, they are “helping customers to build applications and deploy more secure Open Source DB at scale without worrying about the underlying infrastructure”.


# Benefits

Since then others (Azure, Alibaba & AWS) followed by adding Open Source vendors to their marketplace too. By providing a unified support, billing and experience, GCP established a win-win-win situation for Open Source vendors, customers, and Google. First, Open Source vendors can monetise more easily their solution. Then, customers will avoid vendor lock-in. Finally, Google will attract new candidate to the Cloud migration. 


# Dark side

This looks like like a perfect picture, no ? It would, but history of Cloud providers working with Open Source database vendors has not always been a win/win deal. One example is AWS in its relation with Elasticsearch and MongoDB where they were accused of strip mining by the Open Source community.


Question now is how this will continue in the future especially when Cloud provider database application will compete with Open Source products.

To be continued…


— posted by Open Cloud Society content team


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