How to avoid out-of-control Cloud Cost ?

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How to avoid out-of-control Cloud Cost ?

Most of companies initially move to the Cloud for cost saving motivations. And effectively, it will happen (especially when moving to public cloud under PaaS & SaaS model), at least for a while. But quickly things become more complex and cost can easily become a source of stress for IT managers and CFOs. Why so many Cloud clients are struggling to control their Cloud cost ? What factors are changing the initial cost savings statement ? How to get the control back ?


# Multiple factors will have a direct impact on the cost control:


First, most Cloud providers offer a “pay-as-you go” billing, which is actually quite faire. But it’s coming complicated when Cloud usage are not properly controlled (e.g. no billing limits…), optimised (data storage type, server sizing…) and automated (instance checks, servers stop & go…). This would require  additional optimisation work before to stick back to the targeted bill.


Second, the cost is becoming more complex as more people are on the Cloud (AI, Machine learning, big data, IOT…). The price transparency is harder.


Third, the multi-cloud management being the norm, separate invoices definitely increase the level of difficulties. How to ensure no duplicated cost ? How to get a global view for action ?


Well hopefully the call has been heard. Both Cloud providers and third-party vendors have invested in developing cost optimisation capabilities for public Cloud services. Today you will find a large offer, some simple solutions will report under utilised instances. More sophisticated will automatically execute precise instance rightsizing using AI-based pattern recognition and ML inference.


Among the list of the most relevant, you will find Apptio, Cloudcheckr, Flexera, Turbonomic, VMware, New Relic, Rackware, Oneops, IBM, Cisco, BMC….


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Open Could Society people (thanks to you guys !)

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