Migrating to the Cloud: make it happen !

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Migrating to the Cloud: make it happen !


Cloud migration is a major step forward for an infrastructure team. Even if data migration issue is common, it is not the only one. Usually architecture orientations will have major impact too, affecting the organisation on both system availability and cost. All good reason to start it with good foundations.


There are plenty of arguments to migrate to the Cloud. Most of them are:

  • “Pay-as-you-go” on system rather than capex
  • Store a lot of data (data lake, Big Data, IoT)
  • Handle large workload (Elasticity & Scalability)
  • Train machine learning algorithms
  • Construct a practical business framework
  • Deploy new features faster


Nice destination…. but what about the journey ? Where to start the process ? What constraints to consider ? What priorities, roadmap ? How much will it cost ? What are the cost savings factors ? Which Open Source tools to use ? Which Cloud provider to select ? Multi-cloud approach ?…


As a Cloud migration service provider we have addressed these questions many time before… even though your situation has hits own particularity we are confident that our core principle will apply. Our philosophy is to systematically explore open source opportunities and leverage on our proven cloud migration methodology and experience. We are building sustainable foundations and coach our client to run it for good at the best value for money.


No matter where you are on your cloud migration journey be assured with our Cloud migration consultants you will find a partner to help navigate your way through.


Related services (non-exhaustive):

  • Cloud vendor selection
  • Roadmaps/Proof Of Concept
  • Infrastructure migration
  • Data migration
  • Operational management
  • Etcloudera…


Client Implications:

  • Get to the cloud, faster
  • Reduce migration risk
  • Enable cloud native capabilities


Do not hesitate to contact our Cloud migration specialists for a free-talk on the Cloud and Open Source solutions.


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