Optimising your Cloud: make it beneficial !

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Optimising your Cloud: make it beneficial !


More & more  IT teams need to manage a double challenge: reaching cost saving and facing new business demands (e.g continuous integration and development). Concretely, they need to change the way they operate, becoming Agile in Change and stay resilient in Operations. In one word move to a “DevOps” organisation.


Cloud Optimisation will articulate about a large spectre of activities:

  • Get rid of unused resources and licenses
  • Pay only for what is necessary
  • Automate and orchestrate the routines
  • Scale up down automatically
  • Agile DevOps organisation (CI/CD)
  • Multi-cloud management
  • Monitor > Optimise > Repeat


Therefore multiples questions follow: How to monitor utilisation and cut utilisation cost ? What are the best optimisation software ? How to become more Agile ? How to implement DevOps and reach CI/CD and spread automation ?


At Open Cloud Society we will help you to get back control of  your utilisation cost, gain agility in implementing your DevOps Organisation and optimise your Architecture, Automation & Orchestration.


Related services (non-exhaustive):

  • Cloud Assessment & Cost Optimisation
  • DevOps approach & Implementation
  • Cloud native application & Microservice
  • Automation and Orchestration
  • Multi Cloud management
  • Etcloudera…


Client Implications:

  • Optimised Cloud Architecture
  • Improve Availability and Achieve 100% Uptime
  • Reduce Cloud Costs and Maximise ROI
  • Assess Security & Compliance


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