Open Source Architectures: make it yours forever !

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Open Source Architectures: make it yours forever !


It’s no secret that IT teams are under enormous pressure from their CEOs to deliver new business offerings faster. That’s hard when most of your software budget is tied up in ongoing license fees.


Today Open Source is no more a “nice to have”, this is becoming the norm. This is especially right on DevOps solutions but not only. Globally, Open Source solutions will enable you to reach multiple benefits:

  • Get the most innovative tools
  • Save $ on licenses
  • Say goodbye to proprietary solution
  • Develop platforms that you own
  • Find talent easily
  • Ability to start small
  • Responsiveness of the community


Sounds good, no ? well… first we will need to go through few points, where are the Open Source opportunities ? What software is the most appropriate ? How contribute to and leverage on the community ?


At Open Cloud Society we always promote usage of Open Source to take money out of existing systems to free-up budget from existing architecture. This enable you to direct more resources toward applications that have more business impact. We guide you through the most advanced Open Source software from opportunity assessment to implementation.


Related services (non-exhaustive):

  • Cloud Open Source opportunity assessment
  • Open Source tools implementation
  • Cloud Open Source Lab
  • Etcloudera…


Client Implications:

  • Reduce Cloud Costs and Maximise ROI
  • Optimised Cloud Architecture
  • Improve System Sustainability


Do not hesitate to contact us for a free-talk on the Cloud and Open Source solutions.


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